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Monoranjan Roy

Chairman & Managing Director


  • Pincon Spirit Ltd
  • Trading & Wholesale
  • 7, Red Cross Place, 3rd Floor, Wellesley House, 70000, Kolkata, India
  • (91) 33 2231 9135
  • www.pinconspirit.in

A journey of a future Star Entrepreneur commenced on 9th October, 1975, the day Mr Monoranjan Roy was born; who through his hard work, strong commitments, and practical outlook formed a modest business enterprise almost a decade back in West Bengal, India. Over the years Pincon has grown to be a multi-crore business conglomerate i.e. Pincon Spirit Limited (PSL), and is heading for PAN India business operation. Under the leadership of Monoranjan as the Chairman and Managing Director of Pincon Spirit Limited, there are much brighter pastures in the future days to come.
With his roots in the rural part of West Midnapore District of West Bengal, India, Monoranjan hails from a modest but respectable family. Having schooled in the semi-rural part of West Bengal, Monoranjan had the opportunity to understand the pulse of rural and agricultural sector of India; where initiation of India’s basic economy takes place. During his college education, Monoranjan was introduced to the urban segment. His roots from the rural background coupled with his intense quest for achievement during college life, and while deriving the benefits of counseling of his teachers, the seed for entrepreneurship started budding in his young mind. Today this has resulted in Monoranjan Roy’s heading very successfully Pincon Spirit Limited as the CMD.
Monoranjan is an inspiring force and enigma towards continuous business growth of the company. He is not only heading the company as CMD but also as the Head of the Family i.e. PINCON Family.
PSL has two distinct lines of business activities i.e. Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) – owned and traded brands in Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Beer, Brandy, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – own brands in Edible Oil. PSL equity shares are listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and CSE (Calcutta Stock Exchange) platform.
PSL is presently having its Registered Office at Kolkata and Corporate Office at Bangalore, and Regional offices at New Delhi and Agra.
Under Monoranjan’s guidance, Pincon Spirit Limited has crossed significant milestones throughout its years. In 2005- 2009, there was the significant acquisition of PSL (formerly Sarang Viniyog Ltd) by the Pincon Group. It also launched Pincon XXX Rum, Pincon No. 1 Whisky, and Pincon 9000 Strong Beer. In 2010 it embarked on trading and distribution of IMFL Products, and crossed the turnover of Rs. 50.00 Crores.
In 2012 PSL crossed turnover of Rs. 240.00 Crores and launched Ruby Gold XO Brandy and Royal Pride Whisky. In 2013 the company hit turnover Rs. 300.00 Crores and launched Highland Blue Whisky. It introduced FMCG Division in Q1of FY 13-14 at a multi-state level, IMFL Brand registered with Odisha State Beverages Corporation, and Obtained sole distributorship in West Bengal for Fashion Vodka, a premium Vodka Brand. Turn Over for FY 2013-14 was over 380.00 crore.


Last year, in 2014, PSL Commenced South India and North India operations for FMCG and IMFL products, Obtained orders from West Bengal Essential Supply Corporation Ltd, Government of West Bengal for the supply of Mustard Oil through PDS, launched CS Liquor in West Bengal, with production unit owned by its subsidiary company. PSL also obtained listing of equity shares on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange Platform).
Monoranjan Roy has exceptional qualities that lead the company forward. He works as team member, but his all round meticulous follow-up of affairs make him stand out as an Entrepreneur even in a crowd. According to Monoranjan his successes come with “self-introspection” and “having faith in oneself”. He has always been and is constantly passionately involved about development of the company. He is often found saying his Team Members: “Enjoy your assignments, then you would never be afraid – no matter how challenging they are.”
In his vision, mission and hopes for the future, Monoranjan is known to thrive to work with his responsibilities as a guardian of all the members of the Company. He assumes responsibility as Trustee of the Shareholders. He also believes in taking business risks in a very calculative manner. As an entrepreneur, he feels enthusiastic about creating a business enterprise from PIN to ICON i.e. PINCON. As he truly believes in, “Have faith in what you do”.
He has been awarded for “Entrepreneur of the Year” from the Institute of Economic Studies. Pincon has been awarded with 1st Prize as “Outstanding Industrial Enterprise” by Federation of Small and Medium Industries.

  • Monranjan has an MA in Economics and an MBA in Finance
  • Monoranjan has succeed in a course on “Decision Making Technique of Managers” from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow


  • Monoranjan led PSL to obtain listing of equity shares on the Bombay Stock Exchange Platform