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Madan Mohan Shanmugham

Managing Director


  • Alackrity Consols Pvt Ltd
  • Telecommunications & ICT
  • #447/B, 9th Cross, JP Nagar 2nd phase, 560078 Bangalore, India
  • (91) 80 2658 4314

Coming back from the jaws of death after an accident in Bengaluru would usually have dithered one in life, but not the then-35 year old mechanical engineer Madan Mohan Shanmugham, who, by that time, had moved in from Coimbatore to Bengaluru and made a name for himself in the IT Industry.
Recovering through sheer will power, Madan believed in his own philosophy “Where others see problems, I see Potential”. This motivated and enabled him to become an entrepreneur in setting up Alackrity Consols Pvt Ltd on the 10th August 2004. This was the first company in India to deploy cutting edge EFM technology in the telecom space, harnessing the legacy infrastructure available for superior service deliveries deployed for city-wide homeland security networks in India, which was available only in developed nations at that time.
Born in a family in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, with interests in Agriculture, Finance and Textiles for almost four generations, Madan Mohan Shanmugham was the only son to Mrs Meera RS and Mr MCR Shanmugham. After finishing his secondary education at his hometown, Madan moved to Mysore to study Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious institute Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering and graduated in 1989, with wide acclamation by KSCST (Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology) which funded his student project.
After graduation, Madan went back to Coimbatore to assist his father in the family business for a few years but his belief in moving things from designs and drawings to the market did not allow him to stay there for long. This was also at the time where a silent revolution was taking place in the field of Information Technology at neighbouring city, Bengaluru, which was also known as the Silicon Valley of India.
Madan’s dream about amalgamating his engineering knowledge and business process acumen with information technology opened doors to opportunities to excel and achieve, bringing him to Bengaluru into the IT space in 1995.
His passion for non conventional IT system designs for complex business applications on Oracle, CISCO and Sun Microsystems Platforms got him recognition in both IT Eco-system and Software domain. He started moving up the ladder rapidly propelled by his hunger for knowledge opened the gates to spread his wings onto Telecom Space as well. With a fascination in the IT System architecture and his strengths in the understanding of business processes, he was successful in creating a space for himself as a leader for providing IT enabled business enriching solutions to organizations.
Cisco was early to recognize Madan’s fresh breath of business model and awarded him with “Most Upcoming Entrepreneur” award even during first year of his operations in 2005.
Recognizing the talent in Madan, job offers started pouring in from several organizations in the United States. However, he turned down these offers as he saw more potential and opportunity in the domestic market.
Madan always envisaged and believed in maximizing the performance of legacy Infrastructure for service delivery using advanced technologies. During the time of telecom boom in


India, he saw several potential opportunities unfold in IT, ITeS, Governance, Homeland Security, BFSI, Rural Banking, Co- operative, Healthcare and Education markets. His tenure at Infinite Computer Solutions, at that time, provided him wide exposure working alongside with Global Fortune 500 Companies that enriched his knowledge in policy driven business processes and compliances. This in turn later led to the foundation for partnering with world-class leaders and telecom technology leaders across the world to bring in Emerging Technologies to India, giving thrust to his quest for deploying cutting edge technologies in domestic turf.
Instead of merely selling products, Madan started visualizing a business model to provide out of the box unconventional architected IT eco-system solutions to business and service organizations to enhance their business deliveries to attain newer customer engagement models thereby achieving client customer acquisition and positive growth. This USP has become his “Blue Ocean Strategy” for creating business opportunities, opening up new, untapped and unknown market space rather than simply following traditional business models.
His timing and alignment to engage in software development on Open Source platform to address IT Services to rural India was apt. This coincided with the strong focus on Rural & Macro Economy enablement initiatives taken by the Govt. of India opening doors for enormous opportunities. With the challenge of basic telecom and power infrastructure available at rural areas, with his alacrity to embrace emerging technologies provided a perfect platform tailor made for him in this space.
The vision envisaged by Madan for Alackrity Consols Pvt Ltd is to be a globally recognized IT Eco-system organization cohesively delivering consolidated unconventional business domain centric, process compliant IT Eco-systems and Software Solutions to reach geographically-challenged locations. The mission as conceptualized for Alackrity Consols Pvt Ltd is “To consistently be familiar with Emerging Technologies, add values on deliverables, to identify potentials in challenged areas, to constantly improve operational Efficacy, to attain excellence through modesty and exceed expectations”.
Madan’s work culture and corporate philosophy includes the ability to isolate problems from weaknesses, harness strengths and work on overcoming the weaknesses, to be approachable with an open- door policy, follow RPH (Revenue per head) over conventional battle for head count in the trade, provide opportunity to fresh talent, ideas to cultivate cross-domain skill-sets.
Madan Mohan Shanmugham’s pillars of strength that have withstood all the odds in the path of success are his wife Ms Kirti Madan, who is also part and parcel of Alackrity, his son Mr Schuchit Rajhagopal, and his daughter Ms Alya Madan, along with his parents and his team at Alackrity Consols Pvt Ltd.


  • Madan graduated from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering with a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Madan geared up the USP to create a “Blue Ocean Strategy” market space


  • Marks the birth of Alackrity Consols Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru