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KJ Ramesh

Managing Director


  • Varshitha Concrete Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Construction, Property & Building Materials
  • 125A, Journalist Colony Jubilee Hills, 500033 Hyderabad, India
  • (91) 40 2355 6641

A person who lives by the motto “Work is Worship”, Mr KJ Ramesh, from a middle class family, had the fortune of receiving a good education provided by his parents, who in spite of all hardships and a great deal of sacrifices, provided him with the best education possible. Due to his hard work and academic excellence, he got into the prestigious BITS Pilani University, which is considered to be on par with the IIT’s in India.
Studying in this university not only gave him a lot of exposure to good fundamentals but also moulded Ramesh’s personality. He had friends from all over India and the hostel and social life taught him to be flexible and to tackle any situation head-on. Again, he did very well in his academics and chose civil engineering, a line that was not preferred by most people due to its demanding hours needed and the conditions under which one has to work.  His interest in Civil Engineering was fueled by his need to know “how a bridge is able to stand on water”. Under the Dual Degree Program he graduated in MSc (Mathematics) and B.E. (Civil Engineering) from the university.
He was then chosen by Sika – a reputed Swiss company during the campus interview to work with them. He was posted in Mumbai where he was fortunate to have the guidance of a few people were instrumental in pushing him to aspire for greater heights and also instilled in him the importance of hard work and being far sighted.
After his stint in Sika for about 4 years he joined BBR India Ltd where he worked on the famous Godavari Bridge, which is still one of the most famous bridges in India for its constructional magnificence. He gained knowledge of bridge designing and construction and the nuances involved in constructing one.
Ramesh then took the decision to start a business of his own at the young age of 27 years. Along with a couple of partners he started a company called REPCON, which was an abbreviation for “Repairs to Concrete”. Like any new start-up he had his share of ups and downs but his dedication to the field and his hands-on approach to all problems helped him gain a very good reputation in the field.


After being in this partnership for 10 years Ramesh established his own firm, Varshitha Concrete Technologies Pvt Ltd. The name Varshitha was chosen as an amalgamation of the names of his two daughters Varsha and Niveditha, the two girls he simply adores. He is the Managing Director of the company taking care of all its various aspects.
Varshitha was one of the First rehabilitation companies in India to be granted an ISO certification, and it was the first rehabilitation company in India to be awarded in 2013 the prestigious “Top 100 SME Award” selected out of 64000 nominations in all categories.
The most important motto that Ramesh shares with his employees to follow during execution of works is to know that “Our job is rectifying a mistake or problem in the structure, hence we cannot afford to make a mistake.”
In normal businesses, if the process is in place, supervision by the Head is sufficient, however, in the case of Rehabilitation of Structures, each project is unique with its problems and challenges that needs personal monitoring by Ramesh. Unlike other firms where increasing the turnover is the prime goal, it is not of prime importance for Ramesh. He chooses not to expand too much, as his work entitles his involvement in every job and he is a perfectionist: quality and reputation and completion of works on time are paramount. Also, as this one involves correcting mistakes, it is important that the jobs are carried out by a person with sound, technical knowledge and hence requires constant monitoring by Ramesh.
KJ Ramesh is highly respected in his field due to his hands-on approach to all problems, his ability to think outside the box, his strong ethics while conducting business, his total dedication to his field and his passion for the job and his constant endeavour to update his knowledge and keep in touch with all the new innovations and techniques in the field. One of his great qualities is always being able to put himself in his client’s shoes to include consideration of the most economical solution for the client. His ability to quickly gauge problems and come up with solutions are practical, innovative and not always theoretical, based on site conditions. Last but not least, his admirably has 100% involvement in every job with strong passion for his work. Despite of having physical disabilities caused by an accident in 2006, he remains as active as before and has not let it affect his work in any way.
These are but some of the reasons for his achievements and the reasons why he is sought after from not only in India but other Asian countries as well. As far as his employees are concerned he is a person who is a perfectionist, a person “who takes great pains and gives the same to others.” His most important principle is “Do not compromise on ethics and quality as they are the two pillars on which the reputation of the organization is built.”
Ramesh has also written and presented papers on “Innovations in Rehabilitation and repairs to concrete structures” in India and abroad. He is also been a guest lecturer at various prestigious universities including the IITs. He was awarded by the ICI for “Outstanding Contribution to Concrete Technology” in 2004. One of his goals is to compile all the works done into a book in order to share his knowledge and experience with the future generations.
KJ Ramesh can be truly termed a “workaholic” as he breathes, talks and thinks about his work. Not only does he follow through with his jobs satisfactorily, his vision is also to be a pioneer in his field and bring in latest innovations and techniques, thus keeping India on the map as a leader in the field of rehabilitation and repairs to concrete structures.

  • Ramesh received a dual degree from BITS Pilani Universal with a MSc (Mathematics) and B.E. (Civil Engineering)
  • Ramesh, along with other partners, he started a company called REPCON at 27 years old
  • Ramesh established his own firm, Varshitha Concrete Technologies Pvt Ltd