Enterprise Asia champions entrepreneurship development across Asia. With our presence well established in over 12 leading economies of Asia Pacific and the Middle East, we have built a network of over 2000 members, all of whom own and operate successful businesses in various industries, making Enterprise Asia a true networking powerhouse in the region.

As we expand our presence into new regions annually, the number of member’s increases between 150 and 300. Along with that new opportunities are discovered, and with platforms and programs such as the Asia Entrepreneurship Forum and the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, these opportunities are made available to the network that we have.

Why Partner With Us?

A key aspect in our expansion involves collaborating with various establishments across Asia by means of Partnership & Sponsorship. Over the years, numerous businesses, corporations and organizations have partnered with Enterprise Asia, and in doing so have managed to connect with members on our exclusive network. Apart from gaining access to the leading Entrepreneurs on our network, partners and sponsors have also been given access to various business opportunities that present itself via our presence in the different countries in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Sponsoring or partnering with us provides invaluable business opportunities, which can be utilized by one to venture into new economies and industries or to simply gain new clients and associates.

If you would like to align your organization with Enterprise Asia and its Initiatives, just email us!