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Rosamund Chan

Executive Director

The loyalty to company, persistence and diligence of Rosamund has been truly demonstrated by the success of Konew, proving her as one of the entrepreneurs in the society.

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A recognized enterprise leader should craft the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goal, just like Ms Rosamund Chan, Executive Director of Konew Financial Express Limited, the leading company specializing in financial technology and loan products. Under her direction, the organization has been extended from a Hong Kong-based company to an Asia enterprise, with branches extended to Shenzhen and Taiwan. Rosamund has sharped the organization competitive edge amid different economic crisis throughout the past 15 years, consistently deliver her leadership and vision by aligning technology initiatives with business goals, bringing Konew to grow and expand.

Rosamund was born in a traditional Chinese family, where she has been taught and cultivated her most honorable value, loyalty and diligence. In the era of globalization and economic revolutionary growth of HK in 1970s, Rosamund grown up in a changing social-economic environment where many were distracted and constantly looking for new opportunity at the workplace. Rosamund’s parents witnessed the change of the generation behaviour, personal integrity, loyalty and diligence is on the top priority of family instruction to their daughter at all time. It is also the reason for the talented woman to wholeheartedly commit to the company for more than 15 years, and successfully led Konew Financial Express to be the market pioneer for years.

Never satisfy and compromise.
Strike for excellence and change for betterment!

With the unswerving pursuit of personal career achievement, Rosamund gave up the chance to enter a structured and developed organization in the midst of post-1997 economic crisis, but chose Konew, which was considerably a local-based start-up in financing market, as her first full-time job after graduation. Rosamund returned to Hong Kong after pursued her tertiary studies of Management (Honor) Degree in University of Manitoba Canada in 2001. In such a year of macroeconomic downturn in Asia, most of the companies in Hong Kong had received an unprecedented drop in profit over the past 20 years. Many were laid off and opportunity to get employment from developed enterprise became very precious. However, Rosamund is the exceptional case in the trend. She treated it as a golden moment to kick start her career as there is a definite recovery cycle in the future, and may bring about a brighter future to Hong Kong than anyone can imagine. Compared with a fully developed organization, it is for certain that a start-up would provide her with much more development potential and a better promotion path.

Rosamund began her career in Konew as a customer service officer at which she attained all rounded operational knowledge and accumulated experience in loan lending market. The first step is always the most difficult to kick off. When Rosamund first entered the company, there was only 4 staff in Konew. Human capital was scarce that no specific labour division in operation team. She was required to perform customer acquisition, retention, loan documentation to bank transferal follow-ups on her own for each application case with limited assistance from co-workers. Under such intensive workflow, the hardworking lady was soon equipped with all-rounded operational knowledge and became the future star in the eyes of others.

Rosamund has fully demonstrated her ability and potential in the operation position, and soon be promoted as the supervisor of the team. During her life as the head of Sales and Operation, she found that there were obstacles and loopholes in operation procedures, and might pose potential danger in causing fraud cases. Instead of blindly follow rules and established workflow, the young and brave lady took the initiative to share her opinion and counter-proposed suggestions to smoothen procedures directly to the CEO. It was impressive in the eyes of management of Rosamund contribution and her passion for the betterment of company. Since then, Rosamund became the spokesperson of operation, and actively involved in different decision-making meetings.

Chance wait for no one, but the most prepared person. In 2008, Rosamund was appointed to be the Executive Director by CEO, and became the first employee to reach the director level. She now oversees over 15 departments in the organization, as well as became the regional head for Asia branches, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taiwan. As an employee starting her career from the operation, the background of Rosamund allows her to understand individual need of customers, at the same time the difficulties faced by frontline staff, making her decision more practical and applicable to real life situation.

Rosamund is an adventures person who is willing to take the initiative. Thanks to the advancement in mobile and internet technology, more promotion channels are available in the market and competition is fiercer within the loan industry in recent years. In addition to the challenge is the prescribed negative image in lending industry, due to the constantly reported fraud cases among medium to smaller size of loan companies using improper and unlawful business practice. Rosamund believes a clear and direct market orientation is the essence for Konew to stands out from the rivals, and of upmost importance to build a positive image to differentiate from the trouble-makers. Followed by the complete rebranding of Konew in 2004, Rosamund suggested to have new format of promotion to revitalize the historic brand. While most of the competitors focus on 15-30s TV Commercial (TVC), Konew is the first and dominated advertiser to have constant media placement of 2-min and 6-min “micro film” in TVB channels. The tactic of Rosamund is to exercise brainwashing influence and achieve soft-selling in a moody and real-case drama format, which is easier for audience to accept. Rosamund also take part in brainstorming meeting with colleagues and vendors for the film production meeting to foster opinion exchange. In such case, Konew has never bored the customers for their creative advertisement, and have been receiving wide attention by industry authorities and the general public. In 2012, Konew was nominated and became the top 5 in finance and investment category of the TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards in that year. By combination creativity and memorable media placement, she has successfully built the iconic image of the organization throughout the years,

Rosamund is also committed to explore new potential customers group. Since she began her career in Konew, she has encountered 2 ever-devastating challenges, the outbreak of SARS in 2003 and financial crisis in 2008. She realized satisfaction and compromise is prone to fail. Change should be made to assimilate trend and latest environment in order to maintain high sales volume. She has subsequently established a series of reformation to the operation procedures and actively provided new directions and creative idea of business plans to further enlarge the business models of Konew. Most of the rivals invested tremendous capital to operate branches in Hong Kong, Rosamund sees the accessibility can be simply and cost-effectively achieved by adopting mobile vehicles to drive around Hong Kong. In 2010, Rosamund has set up a team of express vans which allow customers from anywhere in Hong Kong to receive service of Konew. Customers can simply finish the loan application and subsequent procedure by using Fin-tech devices set up in the vehicle. Such an innovative and unprecedented idea has also been awarded the Innovation and Creativity Award in 2011 by Hong Kong Awards for Industries.

As a people-centric director, Rosamund believes the high morale and team spirit is the key for effectiveness and efficiency of the company operation. She has then set up comprehensive approaches to enhance sense of belonging among staff. Cultural Committee is suggested, which is established by representatives from different department to conduct different internal staff activities. In such arrangement, it does not only allow the members in the committee to build close bonding, but also promote harmonious atmosphere in the company.

Looking forward, Rosamund thinks it is the era of financial technology. She has combined financial technology and her business sense, and establish new brand and sales channels under Konew. MoneySQ.com is a brand new crowdfunding platform which allows investors and borrowers to add values to their capital and enjoy flexible financing solution. Apart from that, Rosamund has introduced the concept of smart ATM machine as another convenient channel for customers to withdraw their loan in cash directly to suit individual needs. It is expected, branches equipped with the machine will come into operation in the coming future, covering New Territories and Kowloon area. Aligning technology initiatives with business goals, Rosamund expects a promising growth in sales in the future.

Now, with the contribution and leadership of Rosamund, Konew has continuously retain the pioneer position in the lending industry and maintain the definite market share for years in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen area. The loyalty to company, persistence and diligence of Rosamund has been truly demonstrated by the success of Konew, proving her as one of the entrepreneurs in the society.


  • Management (Honor) Degree in University of Manitoba Canada.


  • Appointed as the Executive Director by CEO, overseeing over 15 departments in the organization, as well as becoming the regional head for Asia branches including Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Taiwan.


  • Awarded the Innovation and Creativity Award by Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.


  • Konew was nominated and became the top 5 in the Finance and Investment category of the TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards.