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Ng Kwai Sang


We should always rely on the indomitable willpower and never give up. This is truly entrepreneurship.

  • China Hi-Tech Anti-Counterfeit Group Limited
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    Hong Kong
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Mr Ng Kwai Sang was born in Huilai, Guangdong and later moved to Hong Kong in 1991. He is now the Chairman of Hallyuen Holdings Limited, the Chairman of China Hi-Tech Anti-Counterfeit Group Limited, the Chairman of Inner Mongolia Xianhong Science Company Limited (NEEQ: 836619), the Chairman of Inner Mongolia Hallyuen New Material Co., Ltd. (NEEQ: 834604) and the Chairman of Hohhot Haohe Power Science Co., Ltd. He is now the chairman of 5 companies which 2 are public listed.

His tobacco trading business in China boomed from 1991 to 1997. Yet in 1996, Mr Ng fell from a billionaire to a negative equity in one single sight under the Asian financial crisis.

Despite of the crisis, he kept hold on entrepreneurial dream. Since in 1999, he founded the Medical China Limited, and launched the technology and devices of Radiofrequency Ablation System (RFAS) in China and Hong Kong. The system targets assisting treatment of liver cancer and lung cancer by minimizing wound after surgery, speeding up postoperative recuperation. Sixty-three mainland hospitals in total established RFAS treatment centers. In 2001, the company was granted Hong Kong Main Board Listing (HK8186).


After that in 2002, Mr Ng served the Long Far Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited in Hong Kong Main Board Listing (HK2898) and in 2003, Mr Ng shared into Perfect Set Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The main product “Chuankezhi” granted the national second-class drug, which regulates the Th1 and Th2 balance of the patients’ immune system to achieve the treatment of asthma. In addition, he was in cooperation with International as well as China’s top expertise , Dr. David Da-I Ho and Professor Cao Yunzhen, Professor Li Xingwang of Beijing Ditan Hospital. He invested tens millions on Chuankezhi clinical trials on AIDS in Yunnan and Xinjiang China. The “Chuankezhi” became the first approved Chinese medicine injection of AIDS clinical trials in China.

Then in later 2011, he founded Inner Mongolia Hallyuen New Materials Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia which mainly manufactures carbon fiber and other applications. The company officially listed on the stock market referred as “Hallyuen New Materials” (NEEQ code 834604). In 2012, Mr Ng also established Inner Mongolia Xianhong Science Co. Limited which engaged in the production and marketing of nanotechnology and new materials research. In April 2016, the company was also listed on the stock referred as “Xianhong Science” (NEEQ: 836619) after “Hallyuen New Materials”. Nowadays, the company’s value savings up to 1.95 thousand million.

Mr Ng Kwai Sang was born in an ordinary peasant family and he understood nothing more than that good life is paid by high effort and works. His experience in the army enhanced his string spirit, and developed to face countless difficulties. These characters then fully support the foundation of his career success.

In 2011, Mr Ng already turned 50. However he found himself a new challenge to become industrial entrepreneur. With the support of the Inner Mongolia national government, he invested and founded the Hallyuen New Materials Technology Park. His team and colleagues also contributed time and efforts on establishing the company on the Inner Monogolia wasteland. The team overcame the adverse conditions and spent eight months and twenty-three days to complete the foundation of about 50,000 square meters of industrial plants and facilities, and achieve an annual output of 20,000 km composite core of carbon fiber wire.

“Hallyuen New Materials” is now a high-tech enterprise encompasses of business for innovative materials, energy-saving technology research and development, production. The core technology carbon fiber composites, is fully supported by the State of the emerging strategic industries, and it is highly recognized by community and customers. In March 2016, the company entered the bidding sequence of the State Grid Corporation of China, and begin cooperation with Taiwan area as well. In the future, Hallyuen New Materials will also launch energy-saving technologies, intelligent electricity in major aspects.

“Xianhong Science” was founded in 2012, composes business in Internet of Things (IOT) marking and coding technology, research and development of nano functional ink. The market-driven results in the world’s innovation of the nano-functional ink series, which provide the effective solution to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. The information haven’t been tampered, and not easy to be erased. Under this circumstance, the company cooperated with the well-known fast moving consumer goods, fiber optic cable industry and enterprises, to establish a long-term strategic partnership. In 2015, the company introduced the intelligent business systems which converged the technology of Internet of Things, Leibinger’s high speed continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology, as well as online, real-time and variable two-dimensional barcode (QR code) marking technology.

Mr Ng summarized his success of entrepreneur. “Strive endlessly, dream everlastingly”. The environment changes all the times. Whether the Asian financial crisis, cancer or AIDS, whether change from flourishing Hong Kong to harsh Inner Mongolia, from an investor into an operator, from superior living style to difficult lifestyle. We should always rely on the indomitable willpower and never give up. This is truly entrepreneurship.
Mr Ng also focuses on social responsibility with four aspects: Human Resources Environment, Community and Company development.

(1) Human Resources
The company establishes entrepreneur technical school, to provide educations for every colleagues.
Invest and cooperate with professional training institutes, to provide training on management skills and knowledge.
Provide incentive plans to potential staff.
Free housing as encouragement for long service employees.

(2) Environment:
Provide sustainable development of enterprises and focus on environmental conservation. All processes and production should comply compliant with local government environmental regulations and requirements.

(3) Community:
Maintain good public relations.
Encouraging staff to participate in community activities.
Provide communities with carbon fiber bicycles and other sport utilities.
Promote the developing of community sports culture.

(4) Company development:
In response to food safety in China Market, the company launched Internet of Things (IOT) smart business systems, which aims to build a connection with sector of governments, enterprises, consumers and other shareholders, and contribute efforts in food safety

  • Visiting Professor, Marketing Research Center, the Renmin University of China.
  • Executive Director, Chinese Medical Association branch of the AIDS Prevention and Control.
    Special Adviser, “AIDS and the media group”, International Communications Research Center, Tsinghua University.
  • Awarded “China Enterprise Innovation Outstanding Figures”, “Chinese Economic Figures”, “China’s Outstanding Innovative Entrepreneurs”, “NEEQ Golden New Board Chairman”.
  • Chinese Entrepreneur Association Executive director, Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs Development.