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Brandon Ng

Managing Director

He is always open to suggestions and contributions from individuals who make a positive impact in the departments they work in, and ideas from them to remain innovative in the industry.

  • Micro2000 Technology Pte Ltd
  • Telecommunications & ICT
  • 8 Ubi Road 2, Zervex Building, #08-20,
    Singapore 408538
  • (65) 6295 3988

Vision and perserverance can achieve dreams. For Mr Brandon Ng, the journey to his success and accomplishments today, is synergised with the hard work and dedica­tion of his team. Tracing Micro 2000’s roots back to 1996, Micro 2000 Technology Pte Ltd was started by Brandon, together with his current business partner, and now ranks as one of Singapore’s leading providers in quality and innovation, providing IT solu­tions and services.

Embracing the attitude of entrepreneurial inevitabily, Brandon remains a humble per­son by nature. Like any accomplished and battle-hardened business leader with great foresight, he began his journey from door-to-door sales and direct marketing to po­tential clients selling high-end graphic cards which in those early days of IT can cost eas­ily between $10,000 to $20,000. At at time when internet and e-commerce was at its early phases, it involved much perseverance and determination, as rejection was a com­mon response.

When one door closes, there is always a new door of opportunity, and failure was not an option. The ability to look at life’s frustra­tions and difficulties to perceive opportuni­ties instead of problems was a learned skill Brandon possessed. His 17 years of experi­ence evolving Micro 2000 Technology from a client base of a handful, to more than 200 clients as of 2014 has been one of his greatest accomplishments in life.

Under Brandon’s superb guidance as a Man­aging Director, Micro 2000 continues to excel in growth and has become one of the leading business IT solutions and after sales support provider, with a strong market pres­ence in its industry. Micro 2000 Technology has over the years built and maintained strong alliances and collaboration with trusted technology partners to create busi­ness values and to meet customers’ require­ments. With the hard work and determina­tion of Brandon, Micro 2000 Technology has proven its business efficiency, which led to various partnerships such as: IBM Busi­ness Partner, HP Premium Solution Partner, Cisco Certified Partner, Microsoft Silver Partner to name but a few.

Attaining ISO 9001:2008 was another ac­complishment for Micro 2000 demonstrat­ing the good internal control of its quality processes. Ensuring key work processes are put in place, quality control is practised from the logistics team, sales administration and retail operations team. To elaborate fur­ther, this also means that Micro 2000 con­ducts background checks on the credibility of its suppliers.

Indeed, the list of certifications and ac­creditations the company has successfully obtained, signifies the achievements and motivation of Brandon to excel further and accomplish his dreams. T he recent Prom­ising SME 500 Award has also increased Micro 2000’s brand recognition and market presence in the industry.

Under the parent company of Micro

Always give your 110% in whatever tasks you undertake and always share your problems with the people you trust and who can advise you

2000 Holdings, the company has continued to expand and explore other areas that complements Micro 2000’s existing portfolio of IT services and consul­tancy, and joint ventures to become a one-stop solu­tion provider for our customers. The key to success lies in the determination and courage found in Mr Ng’s characteristics. In the face of obstables and chal­lenges, he has continued to steer Micro 2000 to greater heights, inspiring the people around him. Highly re­spected due to his tenacity, he leads a dedicated team of staff, consisting of loyal and talented individuals, who have rendered support since the initial stages of the company’s growth. Mr Ng has always believed that his employees form the backbone of the company, and continues to encourage them to go beyond their job scope. Without his team, Micro 2000 Technology will not be able to progress to being one of Singapore’s leading IT consultancy and after sales support com­pany today.

As a firm believer that his success has always been a result of his team’s efforts, Brandon takes the time to interact and mentors his dedicated staff. He is always open to suggestions and contributions from individu­als who make a positive impact in the departments they work in, and ideas from them to remain innova­tive in the industry. The company’s mission and vision are to provide its customers with their inest service based on the highest standard of excellence while keeping the customers’ investment low, as they con­tinue to pursue the next higher level of quality ser­vice with a personal touch.

A true definition of a visionary and multi-faceted leader, Brandon aims to be a long-term partner to his customers by creating and sharing business val­ues. With a customer-centric policy, it has allowed Micro 2000 to expand beyond IT services. Brandon has successfully established a group of subsidiaries providing complementary solutions to its IT offer­ings, and branched out into other investments such as logistics and warehousing, food and beverages with joint ventures in the communication engineer­ing and distribution industry services.

In the era of constant evolving technology, it be­comes important to stay ahead of market trends. With the popularity of enterprise solutions such as data and storage management and service mainte­nance, Brandon ’s future goals includes expanding the company regionally to other countries. As of present date, Micro 2000 has small offices across the region in Thailand and Malaysia, and is currently in talks to set up an office in Indonesia and increase its level of activities in Vietnam.

1998 – 2013

  • Apple Gold Partner


  • Winner of the SME 500 Award


  • Micro 2000 became Authorised Service Providers for ASUS and Philips Electronics