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Arya Damar

President Director


  • PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta
  • Telecommunications & ICT
  • Menara Thamrin 12th Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 3, Jakarta 10250, Indonesia
  • (62) 21 230 2345

On May 2014, the shareholders of PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta appointed a new member to the Board of Directors. Arya Damar, who previously served as CEO of PT Artajasa Pembayaran Electronis has now been appointed as President Director.
Born in Jakarta in 1962 and graduated from the Electrical Engineering Faculty of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Arya Damar began his career as an engineer in PT Indosat in 1987. One of his first responsibilities as a professional at Indosat was to handle data communications. When Indosat founded PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta as a data communications services provider and the money market information center, Arya Damar then held the position as a General Manager.
The result of his perseverance and dedication was highly appreciated by the company hence when PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis was established in 2000, Arya Damar was directly appointed as Managing Director. While in Indosat, Arya Damar was an integral part in building Lintasarta. In Lintasarta, Arya Damar held various stints as Data Communication Manager in 1989-1991, Business and Operational Development Manager in 1991-193, Sales Manager in 1993-1994, General Manager of Commercial in 1994-2000, and finally in May 2014 Arya Damar was appointed as the President Director of Lintasarta.
With Artajasa, Arya continues to create innovation products particularly in banking sector, where Arya was also an important contributor to ATM Bersama. ATM Bersama is a joint ATM system where customers are able to transaction (Cash Withdrawal, Interbank Fund Transfer, and Balance Inquiry) in any ATM banks that are part of ATM Bersama networks. Nowadays, ATM Bersama has 72 bank members with approximately 19,000 nationwide transactions in the ATM Bersama system. Merging many banks into a network was not an easy job in Indonesia, as bank managements are prudent hence adopting a new system was quite difficult as it involved trust concerning customer’s money. However, Arya and Artajasa were confident about this joint ATM system. “I saw a lot of benefits for the banks,” he said one day.
Since 2005, a number of Malaysian banks have also joined the joint ATM system. This means that Malaysians as well as Indonesians are now able to make transactions at such ATMs in both countries. Not only ATM Bersama, Artajasa also developed other innovations, such as Online Payment and Mobile Banking. “I’m sure one day people will realize about cashless society, so that’s why we are preparing those features from now,” as he responds optimistically.
In May 2014, Arya Damar was appointed as the President Director of Lintasarta. Arya said, Lintasarta is prepared to provide a complete service program on data communications and IT Service. As for IT services, Lintasarta offers a range of superior products, from Data Center, Cloud Service, to Managed Services. Arya also has a very high commitment to implement good corporate governance in every process of work. One of the values that Arya asks for all employees is to own is integrity.
Arya’s target achievement for his tenure is to be part of the provision of total solutions ICT for all industries. In Arya’s point of view, not all industries are able to provide digital services. Arya Damar said, “[we are] ready to provide total solutions according to the needs of the all industries”. Industries also would not need to allocate capital expenditure (Capex) to build a data center in Indonesia to improve the efficiency of spending. Moreover, it would be  sufficient to hand over the management of data center infrastructure and the DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) to Lintasarta so that companies could focus on core business.
In September 2015, Arya through Lintasarta Indonesia Healthy program successfully launched ICT-based technologies supporting


e-Health businesses by presenting Owlexa Healthcare. For the initial phase of this business unit, the program will provide a third- party administrator (TPA) as a medical administrative services for participants of insurance / group of companies. Activities of this program start from managing membership data, cooperating to health care providers (PPK), verification of the validity of the participants during patient registration, monitoring of health care received by patients, to the payment claim verification and reporting.
“Our strength is a given solution covering all the shortcomings that the competitors have not been able to provide. Judging for this early stage of the financial institutions, Lintasarta is known for its quality service and reputation, so it is easier to enter the market, “said Arya.
Lintasarta VSAT solution was considered to be a successful media access in company’s operation process, starting from the plantation, field, weighing, distribution, up to the point of processing. This process is one of the pioneers in its kind in the world and Arya is proud to be part of. This competitive advantage has made Lintasarta to stand out from other competitoris in international scale.
“Since its establishment in 1988, innovation and professionalism in providing the service have become a culture in Lintasarta. This award nomination reinforces our passion to make ICT Lintasarta as a leading total solution company,” he added.
Lintasarta itself has grown to become the largest VSAT service providers in Indonesia with its SCPC VSAT and IP VSAT. VSAT, stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal, is a signal from the
satellite receiver station with a dish-shaped receiver antenna with a diameter of less than three meters.
Lintasarta VSAT technology platform is supported by Fix and Gyro (maritime) technology. Lintasarta SCPC VSAT is considered as a suitable solutions especially for the oil and gas, mining, and plantation industries.
Whereas for IP VSAT Lintasarta, using Broadband Satellite DVB-S technology based on Internet Protocol (IP) standards, it is able to link several remote locations for the banking industry, insurance, and supply chain with inter-city and inter-branch capabilities.
Since assuming the role of President Director of Lintasarta, Arya Damar was awarded the 2015 Best CEO by Bisnis Indonesia, Corporate Image Award 2014 and 2015, and  Business Records 2015  for the Larget VSAT Remote in Indonesia, and has brought Lintasarta into the TOP 3 Global VSAT Award 2015 event held in London. Arya is trusted by all employees to be able to lead Lintasarta in becoming the largest ITSP company in Indonesia.
Arya is also setting Lintasarta’s growth target of 20 percent by 2015. In achieving such target, his strategy is to develop the information technology business from end to end. “Business information technology has many competitors, but when it comes the end to end solutions, there are not that many and we can lead in this category” said Arya. With this mindset and spirit, Lintasarta is growing as a company under Arya’s leadership where high satisfaction amongst current employees and customers are consistently achieved. With his dedication and spirit to continuously innovate, Arya is indeed a figure to be proud of in Lintasarta.


  • Arya Damar was appointed Managing Director of PT Artajasa Pembayaran Elektronis when it was founded


  • Arya Damar was appointed as the President Director of Lintasarta in May


  • Arya saw through the Lintasarta Indonesia Healthy program for successful ICT-based technologies that have jumped to the e-Health business by presenting Owlexa Healthcare